Beyond Scope and Content: Hidden Histories from the Film Archive

Welcome to Beyond Scope and Content. This podcast series from the University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections, and funded by the Friends of the Library, will take you on a journey into the hidden stories of women filmmakers in the Film Archive. While there are a number of fascinating tales in the moving image archives, those… Continue reading Beyond Scope and Content: Hidden Histories from the Film Archive

Episode 2: Doris Chase

Doris Chase was steadfastly true to herself and to her vision. She was so cool. Doris Chase (1923-2008) was an American painter and member of the Northwest School. She was also a teacher, and sculptor, but is best remembered for video art exploring the intersection of dance, movement and the inner life of women. If… Continue reading Episode 2: Doris Chase

Episode 3: Ruth Kirk

Ruth and her husband, Louis, made documentary films for decades. The Kirks are always outside hiking, camping, canoeing, going to archaeological digs or meeting with people from indigenous communities throughout the US and Canada. Ruth Kirk (1925-2018), a writer and photographer, made films and television programs with her husband Louis, exploring the wonders of the… Continue reading Episode 3: Ruth Kirk

Episode 4: Jean Walkinshaw

Jean Walkinshaw is a force of nature. She is in her 90s and lives alone, she’s sharp as a tack, and spends her days creating a video memoir to share with her family. Jean’s amazing. And she’s always been amazing. Jean Walkinshaw (1926- ) is an award-winning television producer who spent her career profiling important… Continue reading Episode 4: Jean Walkinshaw

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