Beyond Scope and Content: Hidden Histories from the Film Archive

Welcome to Beyond Scope and Content. This podcast series from the University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections, and funded by the Friends of the Library, will take you on a journey into the hidden stories of women filmmakers in the Film Archive.

While there are a number of fascinating tales in the moving image archives, those of women filmmakers and artists are most in need of attention. The goal of Beyond Scope and Content is to focus on the collections of three prolific and talented women from the Northwest. Doris Chase, Ruth Kirk, and Jean Walkinshaw all deserve to have their work brought to the attention of the public for further research and study. 

If you would like to explore the collections of these filmmakers, check out these resources. Films from the Ruth and Louis Kirk Moving Image Collection are available on the University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections site, and works from the Doris Chase video and art collection are available on the Internet Archive. Programs from the Jean Walkinshaw films and videos will soon be available through the Internet Archive.

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